Public Relations

Public Relations is about raising your company’s authority, building relationships with key people and managing your reputation. A good PR strategy will help you create a positive public image and building friendly relationships with the media. We’ll create the best possible PR strategy for your organization to boost your brand recognition and social authority while building a credible business and attracting new opportunities. 

Marketing Strategy Development and Management

It’s important to have a marketing strategy in place before execution in order to ensure your message is reaching the right people at the right time. We’ll help create an overall marketing strategy using both paid and organic tactics. This may include social media, digital media, radio, print, events and guerrilla marketing – all dependent on the goals you are trying to achieve and the audiences you are trying to speak to.

Graphic Design

We’ll help with the design and printing of elements such as brochures, posters and business cards to ensure every touchpoint your client and prospective clients have with you is on brand.

Media Buying

When used fittingly and in the appropriate situations, mediums like radio and TV can be excellent ways to reach your audience. We’ll help you navigate the various options available and help come up with the best possible recommendation to effectively use this mass media.

Proposal and Grant Writing

Many organizations want to include grants from foundations or the government in their funding mix, but writing applications that will get you funded isn’t easy. This is where we come in. We can craft proposal and grant responses that will distinguish and elevation your organization from the other applicants.