Hello Friday offers a variety of marketing and communications services to meet the varied and changing needs of our clients, big and small!

Who We Are

Hello Friday is a digital boutique marketing and communications agency based in Ottawa.

Founded from a passion for making custom-tailored marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes and goals, we focus on agile, user-centered marketing rooted in user experience and design thinking. We strive to help our clients fuel their passions, expand their reach, and grow their businesses!

Say Hello

Send us a note to say hello and give us a brief summary of what kind of marketing and communications help you’re looking for! Check out our contact page to get started.

Get to Know Each Other

It’s important in any relationship to make sure there’s a good fit – and the team you choose to let into your work family is no different. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us as well!

Come Up With a Plan

We’ll take away everything we learned about your goals and design a personalized strategy to meet your budget. Based on market analysis and years of experience, we will identify key efforts to position our collaboration for success. After reviewing together, we will create a work plan and get started!


Now here comes the fun part! We’ll assist in the execution and monitoring of campaigns, social media, tasks and activities and provide direct reporting throughout.


We’ll design report and debrief schedule to fit the services’ needs and keep you up to date on performance. Together we will fine-tune the approach and make recommendations to optimize your investment.